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New SM2 PRO J2534 VCI Update Version V1.20 With Dongle 67 IN 1 Modules EEPROM FLASH BENCH OBD ECU Programmer SM2 Diagnostic Tool
New SM2 PRO J2534 VCI Update Version V1.20 With Dongle 67 IN 1 Modules EEPROM FLASH BENCH OBD ECU Programmer SM2 Diagnostic Tool
New SM2 PRO J2534 VCI Update Version V1.20 With Dongle 67 IN 1 Modules EEPROM FLASH BENCH OBD ECU Programmer SM2 Diagnostic Tool
New SM2 PRO J2534 VCI Update Version V1.20 With Dongle 67 IN 1 Modules EEPROM FLASH BENCH OBD ECU Programmer SM2 Diagnostic Tool
New SM2 PRO J2534 VCI Update Version V1.20 With Dongle 67 IN 1 Modules EEPROM FLASH BENCH OBD ECU Programmer SM2 Diagnostic Tool
New SM2 PRO J2534 VCI Update Version V1.20 With Dongle 67 IN 1 Modules EEPROM FLASH BENCH OBD ECU Programmer SM2 Diagnostic Tool

New SM2 PRO J2534 VCI Update Version V1.20 With Dongle 67 IN 1 Modules EEPROM FLASH BENCH OBD ECU Programmer SM2 Diagnostic Tool

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The SM2 adapter support ktmflash 67 in 1 , also supports the functions of Mini Vci/OTC/ForScan/DPA5 /Nexiq/Inline-6/MDI2
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SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner Function Covers Mini Vci/OTC/ELS27/DPA5 /Nexiq/Inline-6/MDI2 Powerful J2534 Device

*We have Techstream software link. You may need to buy other software from its offical website.

1. Implementation features of J2534 and RP1210C

Implementation of the RP1210C standard - without any restrictions.SM2 completely replaces devices DPA5/Nexiq/Inline-6 with support for all protocols and a much faster and more convenient connection.

The implementation of the J2534-1/2 standards has the following features:

• For ODIS, MB-DAS, Consult 3+ programs implemented features that go beyond the J2534 standard,
such as a K-line multiplexer and ignition emulators

• The SM2 adapter allows you to work with vehicles with 24V electrical system.

The SM2 adapter has the following limitations:

• Programming voltage supply 5-20V is not supported (required for
programming of many cars up to ~2005). Shorting the legs to the ground is supported.

• The SM2 adapter uses 1KΩ resistors in the K-line pull-up, which results in problems when working at maximum speeds (125-150Kbps) in loaders for blocks ME17.9.7/M74/EDC7/EDC16/EDC17 and others.

Therefore, it should be specified in the settings bootloader minimum speed for K-line (no more than 57.6kbps) or replace one resistor inside the adapter and forget about this problem.

• The adapter is sensitive only to the voltage threshold of the on-board network, therefore, when the voltage The driver will output 7V below 7V, if it is higher, it will output 13.7V. • The SM-2 adapter has built-in resistors on CAN buses (1KΩ), so in most cases, when working with the “on the table” unit, it is not necessary to connect an additional 120 ohm resistor between CAN-H/CAN-L, however, its connection is in no way interfere.

What program does it support:

1. Allison DOC

The program does not allow you to immediately select the SM2 adapter, you need to connect like this:

1) In the main window of the program, press “F4-Connection”.

2) Choose the type of transmission.

3) Uncheck "Smart Connect".

4) Click the "Connect" button.

5) Press the “Advanced” button.

6) In the “Supplier” field, select “SM2RP32”.

7) In the “Protocol” field, select the protocol (CAN Gen5/J1939/J1708) depending on the model transmission.

8) In the device field, select the SM2 adapter (USB or Bluetooth).

9) In the “Channel” field, select “Auto”.

10) Click “OK” - the program will start establishing a connection

SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner
SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner

2. combiloader

The operation of modules with the suffix “J2534/+J2534” is fully supported.

ATTENTION! Operation with SM2 adapter at maximum K-line exchange rate is possible

only after the SM2 adapter has been modified. Otherwise, if in the module settings (tab“advanced”) there is an item for selecting the exchange rate, then you should select “minimum” or "low".

What to look for:

• Some modules imply a minimum delay time between sending a request and receiving a response from the ECU, mainly when reading firmware. This condition may provided only by connecting the adapter via USB. Modules with suffix “+J2534” (not “J2534”!) can automatically connect via CAN or K-lines, depending on the ECU modification, however, the J2534 adapter in these modules

used only for CAN bus connection. For the operation of such modules on the K-line

it is required to connect the native adapter “PAK loader” to the ECU. The program does not indicate which it was the adapter she used when the error occurred, which makes it very difficult to find "guilty".

• Module “BSL Mode TC17xx (J2534) version 1.43”: for reading/writing ECU VAZ ME17.9.7 (TC1762)

sometimes it took several attempts to “turn off / turn on the power + ignition of the ECU with the 87th processor pin shorted to ground, press read/write. It was saying "Error synchronization” or “No ECU response”. The behavior of the program is verified with the Dialink adapter,Cardaq-2 Plus - similar.

• Module “MIKAS-12/M74.5/M75/M86/M86I (+J2534) version 1.9” – if the process is interrupted read or write, the ECU remains in programming mode and no longer enters connection. The “Advanced/End Programming” button only works after complete power off / power on of the computer (as a reset of the battery terminal), the behavior is verified with Dialink adapter - similarly. Detected on the M74.5 CAN block.

3. Forscan

Full support for vehicles with CAN-6-14/CAN-3-11/J1850PWM/K-Line(ISO) buses.

Program setting:

• In the “Connection Type” field, select “J2534” • In the “J2534 Adapter” field, select “SM USB” or “SM2 Bluetooth #Axxxxx” • In the “MS-CAN Support” field, select “HS CAN Shared”

• Select “Asynchronous” in the “Send Mode” field, as shown in the figure:

SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner

SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner


ATTENTION!The DVD versions from 2011 that surf the internet do not work through J2534. GM offers an affordable subscription to dealer software for vehicle diagnostics and programming Opel/Chevrolet

The SM2 fully implements (and is available in J2534 mode) the capabilities of a GM dealer instrument MDI version 1 (blue):

CAN bus legs: 1 (Single Wire), 3-11 (Medium Speed), 6-14 (High Speed CAN), K-lines on legs 1, 8, 9, 7, 12, 13. This set gives access to almost all available GM vehicle systems.

The dealer device of the second generation GM MDI-2 additionally has a CAN bus for 12-13 (sensor steering wheel position, etc.) OBDII connector legs – support for this bus is implemented in the adapter

So,it means SM2 can replace the GM MDI AND GM MDI2!

5.Nissan Consult 3+

This software was not originally designed to work with J2534 adapters, however, by editing configuration file, it is possible to run it, but with significant limitations:

• A lot of functionality (reading data, programming) is implemented in the firmware original VI2 adapter, which goes way beyond J2534. The maximum that can be to achieve - reading codes, identification and tests of IM (data reading is available in IM),perhaps different adaptations, etc., there will be no reading of variables.

• The program will see the state of the ignition switch only through the native device VI2. In the driver SM2 J2534 provides an ignition switch state emulator for this program.

• If communication with an adapter is lost, Consult does not attempt to reopen communication and will simply issue a communication error message with the computer or just freeze. Should be restarted

Consult in this case.

• Interrogation of blocks and reading VIN goes with significant delays (compared to original instrument).

• The program is unstable, possible freezes.

Configuring Consult 3+ to work through SM-2: Tested on versions 46.11, 64.11, 65.10:

1) You don't need to edit anything in the registry.

2) In C:\CONSULT III_plus\System\Application\ApplicationData\CommonSetting\DiagnosticTool.ini

you need to add exactly two lines with the name of the adapter (see the figure below):

USB connection:


vi_device_name=SM2 USB
3) When starting Consult makes an attempt to communicate on the CAN bus, you need the adapter to be connected
to a car or unit (with a 120Ω resistor) with a working CAN bus, and the ignition is on. If a If the program does not see a working CAN bus, it will not show the adapter in the main window (see point 4).
4) If Consult immediately (without a choice in the program settings!) after starting did not see the adapter (on picture - green), then something is wrong with the CAN bus. Go to adapter selection if an adapter appeared there - select it and click "Close" ("Connect" do not click!). If there it is not there, then we close Consult, and repeat from point 3.

SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner

6. open box
Some modules (e.g. M74 KLINE) work on the K-line only through a simple K-adapter line for COM port. Others (for example, EDC17) allow you to choose the connection method for K-lines (COM or J2534). To do this:
after selecting each module, go to “Settings” and check the box “Use J2534 adapter” in the “J2534” tab. If this option is not available, then
this module will not work on K-lines via the J2534 adapter. See picture:

SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner

The type of the selected connection is displayed in the lower left corner of the main program window connections (COM port or J2534)
7.O-D-IS Service
Old cars with K-line and KW1281 protocol work normally only when connected via USB due to strict time limits.
When connected via any adapter in J2534 mode, the program will not see the state of the lock ignition. The SM2 J2534 driver implements a manual ignition lock state emulator.

SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner

8.P-C-M Flash
SM2 J2534 VCI adapters work with this program without any restrictions.
The following modules and blocks were successfully tested directly on the table:
Chevrolet (Epica SIM2K-D160), Ford Mondeo 4/Galaxy/S-Max (ESU312, ESU412), Nissan Almera Classic K Line (SH7055), Kia/Hyundai SIMK/SIM2K (all units), Mitsubishi CAN-bus (ASX -2014, 1.6MH8106),Toyota/Lexus/Hino/Scion (several CAN and K-Line units with 76F00XX processors), VAG K-line
(Marelli 7GV, Simos 3.3A), VAZ/UAZ/China (ME17.9.7 VAZ, UAZ), Denso SH705X Bootloader (Suzuki SX4)
9 Renault Clip
Support is provided through special compatibility functions, since CLip does not support Fully J2534 standard.
- Clip support starting from version 137 under Windows XP/Vista/7/10/11 (32 or 64 bit).
- Implemented all necessary functions of RTL2000/Alliance IV/RNM adapters.
- The ability to work with original RTL/Alliance IV adapters has been retained. - Implemented the ability to run the ASDE program (for older machines) under 64-bit systems.
- SM2 (non-PRO) adapters do not have hardware support for CAN 13-12, so communications with systems located on CAN13-12 (radio, multimedia, etc.) WILL NOT BE, but taking into account the specifics of polling CAN buses with the Clip program, solve this with some kind of adapter NOT POSSIBLY.
Operating procedure:
ATTENTION! Support for the Clip program is completely transparent. No special action (registry editing, etc.) is not required.
1. Make sure that the “Integration with Clip J2534” option is enabled in the configurator (by default –enabled)
2. Launch the Clip program.
After starting Clip automatically searches for adapters. Adapter is preferred connected via USB.
USB connection.
If the program sees a connected SM2 USB adapter, it will quickly display a list of adapters with one serial number “0” and immediately goes to the vehicle VIN interrogation screen.

SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner

Select the desired adapter and click "Connection".

Known issues (to be fixed):

- Renault Traffic: ASDE hangs when polling the multiplex network (only on 64-bit systems). Connect by selecting a block from the list.

- Renault Scenic I: ASDE freezes when exiting ABS diagnostics

(only on 64-bit systems).

10. T-o-y-ota Techstream

This software is fully supported, tested on a large number of vehicles,
made a lot of fixes during the test phase of the J2534 driver to achieve
maximum speed and correct operation.

This software proved to be the most demanding to correct implementation of API J2534.
Below are some of the shortcomings of the Techstream program found in the process testing. The cases considered are not related to the SM-2 adapter, and appear on any adapter J2534. It is also possible that in later versions of the program the listed defects have been eliminated.

IMPORTANT!Always select the correct market (USA, Europe, Japan, etc.)

because the same model (e.g. LEXUS GS300 ‘99) different protocols may be used depending on from the market. When establishing a connection, the program should automatically recognize at least the type engine/model code. If this does not happen, then the market is probably chosen incorrectly.

SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner

SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto ScannerSM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner
SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner
NOTE: Disconnection from adapter or vehicle
1.When the connection “adapter-car” or “adapter-computer” is interrupted, the program always issues a message indicating a disconnection “with the car” (code 0xA1050304 or 0xA1050308), which misleading. If the connection is interrupted, the “adapter-
computer” the program will not restore connection when the following message appears:

SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner

Therefore, if an error message with the code0xA1050304 / 0xA1040308appears on the screen after Since communication with the unit has already been successfully established,proceed as follows:
1) Check the connection of the adapter to the diagnostic block, the LED should be on in green.
2) Check if the car ignition is on;
3) Press the “Retry” button (retry);
4) If the message appears again, but points 1 and 2 are completed, then this indicates that there was a failure in the connection "adapter-computer" in this case, you should:
5) Press the “Abort” button and exit to the “System Selection Menu” (system selection menu car);
6) Select the desired system again - only in this case the program will try to restore connection with the adapter.
2. Slow data update in DataStream
If in the process of viewing variables in the DataStream mode, the connection with the block control (window with code 0xA1050304 or 0xA1050308), and it was successfully installed again by pressing
on the “Retry” button, the program switches to the “slow” mode of polling variables (update interval increases significantly up to 4000..8000ms). To program again used the “fast” polling mode, you need to exit to the main menu (“Main Menu”) and again establish a connection with the vehicle (“Connect to vehicle”).
NOTE. Techstream does not use the “fast” variable polling mode on all vehicles.
No pattern was found, it depends on the firmware of the block. Therefore, on some cars full data list update interval 4000..5000ms is considered normal (LEXUS GS300 '99,RX300 ‘04). In this case, you should select fewer variables to view.
3. Stuck in “Utility - AF/O2 Sensor Operation”
If you enter this mode after the DataStream, then the program often hangs (with a running stripe). This utility should be used immediately after communication with the unit is established.
control (from the error code viewing mode).
4. Hanging in DataStream when working with body electronics units
When trying to view variable blocks on body electronics blocks, a hang may occur programs (with an ever-running strip), if the control unit must output data from the slaves systems and sensors (for example, a button module via the LIN bus), but there is no communication with them (break, etc.)
11.Xentry/DAS Pass Thru
• Full support for cars with CAN bus (Xentry, DAS) - all systems.
• Ignition key state emulator
• For older vehicles with K-line (MB-DAS), a non-standard function has been implemented automatic connection of the desired leg on the OBD-16 block, which allows diagnose most control units (as a rule, the ECU will not be available transmission). This is a non-standard feature of CM2, included optionally in configurator. If this option is disabled, then the MB-DAS program will only see the ECU engine on the 7th leg.
• Cars without OBD-16 connector are not supported by DAS/Xentry software Passtru.
IMPORTANT!It is not recommended to use this software without an official subscription (or access to the dealer Star Diagnosis), as sooner or later you will encounter a situation where the program will require online access to unlock or encode the block, even after the most “harmless” operations.
IMPORTANT!On older models without CAN bus on the diagnostic connector (or motor unit on K- line) it is possible to halt the block encodings when performing the functions of encoding, disabling
injectors (CDI), etc. This is due to the poor implementation of the KWP2000 protocol in the DAS program itself.
Such procedures should not be carried out without Star Diagnosis at hand.
We have adjusted several auto (W203, W210, W211) and fixed DAS behavior by adding “crutches” to the driver J2534, however, this is not a complete list of models on which an ambush is possible.
The ignition key state emulator window will be available after polling the control units.
SM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto ScannerSM2 Pro J2534 VCI Multi-brand Auto Scanner

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