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Original LAUNCH X831S+ X831Plus 3D 4-Post Car Alignment Lifts Platform Supports multi-language UNICODE

Original LAUNCH X831S+ X831Plus 3D 4-Post Car Alignment Lifts Platform Supports multi-language UNICODE

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Original LAUNCH X831S+ X831Plus 3D Four wheel aligner platform,Support multi-language UNICODE,supports Real-time target monitoring.
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Original launch X831S+ X831Plus 3D 4-Post Car Alignment Lifts Platform

Multi-station moveable type intelligent synchronous tracking
Original LAUNCH X831S+ X831Plus 3D 4-Post Car Alignment

launch X831SPlus 3D Four wheel aligner Features

Support multi-language UNICODE.

Measurement platform supports: Trench, 4-post lift, big scissor lift.

Full automated synchronous tracking lift function, without human intervention.

Omni-directional, multi-station freely moveable measurement,without dedicated station.

The measurement platform is not required to be horizontal Measurement is possible as long as the target is visible.

Dynamic machinery visual algorithm technology real-time dynamic measurement of the vehicle data

Industry's shorted, small-distance push and roll compensation, without stop halfway.

Detection of tread track, tread track difference wheel base wheel base difference.

Real-time display of kingpin, conventent for the adjustment of suspension bracket data.

Real-time target monitoring.

launch X831 S+ Advantages

why did you choose LAUNCH X831Plus ?

Intelligent tracking

Using electrically controlled lifting column, the camera automatically identifies and tracks the target, without human intervention.

Multi-station moveable

Omni-directional,freely moveable measurement, no need of dedicated station,multi-purpose, with little space occupied.

Installation posision

Distance from the post to the lift: 2000-2400mm

Vehicle-pushing measurement

Industry 's shorted, push and roll compensation, without stop halfway, fast andeffortless. not affected by the height of the turntable and the lift.

LAUNCH X831Plus  Applicable field
LAUNCH X831Plus measurement range and precision

Machine in the factory with valid calibration and it is not necessary to perform calibration at the customer site.

Roll the vehicle to complete the compensation, quickly to get the measurement data in two minutes.

Auto compensation with special clamps and no need to roll the vehicle Functions of the Track Width, wheelbase, Tire Diameter, Caster Trail, etc

Free from the influence of ambient light and temperature, stable and reliable.

The camera bar tracks four targets automatically, more convenient and widespread measurement in shorter time.

What do you buy LAUNCH X831Plus for ?
When do you need to do alignment?

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#1 dapota
Apr 9, 2019
Okay okay thanks
    #1 Hiroyuki Kotaki
    May 9, 2018
    A professional approach, I recommend the seller
      #1 gustavo caporaso
      Jul 9, 2018
      Good afternoon my dear, Very fast shipping. All material arrived. Good communication. Recommended seller. I am happy because all works well. Thank You for all attention. Best Regards.
        #1 Lorgio Penarrieta
        Nov 9, 2018
        It came quickly. The device is kind of working.
          #1 DIRK BOETTCHER
          Jul 9, 2018
          Great product everything on time.Seller great thanks
            #1 JEAN ROSIO
            Mar 9, 2019
            It arrived in time. Packed qualitatively. Test write off
              #1 Nikolic Mladen
              Mar 9, 2019
              very good are satisfied with fast shipping this Original LAUNCH X831S+ X831 Plus 3D 4-Post Car Alignment Lifts Platform Supports Multi-language UNICODE is good quality, working very well
                #1 Kyung Chan Son
                Sep 9, 2018
                Received it, but not tried it yet
                  #1 JAN KORECK��
                  Nov 9, 2018
                  Okay okay thanks
                    #1 giuseppe pollaci
                    Sep 9, 2018
                    Ok , happy
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