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M35080V6 EEprom Eraser Programmer
M35080V6 EEprom Eraser Programmer
M35080V6 EEprom Eraser Programmer
M35080V6 EEprom Eraser Programmer
M35080V6 EEprom Eraser Programmer
M35080V6 EEprom Eraser Programmer

M35080V6 EEprom Eraser Programmer

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M35080V6 EEPROM ERASER/PROGRAMMER was been used to read, program, erase Incremental Registers\EEPROM.M35080V6 is easy to use windows XP/2000/98 software.
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M35080V6 EEPROM Eraser Programmer


1. Read,program,erase incremental Registers\EEPROM
2.Erase time to Delivery State for M35080V6 1-10 minutes
3.Supported all clock rates 2.5, 5.0 and 6 MHz IC's
4.Erase time to Delivery State* 1-3 seconds
5.In-circuit/On-board EEPROM programming
6.On-board EEPROM programming for M35080V6
7.Onboard processor ATmega16 allow to Firmware Update to new versions
8.Self-Check capabilities
9.4 adaptors for SO8 device

Additional ItemsYou'll Need To Use This Tool:

1.Host:A 32 Bit x86 based or Pentium PC with a free Com1-8 communication port.
2.Power supply:An 12 Volt / 500 MA


Delivery State: The first 32 bytes (incremental registers) are set to all "0"s, 16 words at 0000 The EEPROM memory array 0020-3FFF set to all FF. The Status register set to 10

Reviews 48
#1 Jim Nash
Sep 9, 2018
Received it, but not tried it yet
    #1 mathias nilsson
    Aug 9, 2018
    A professional approach, I recommend the seller
      #1 ImmiveInsarse ImmiveInsarse
      Dec 9, 2018
      Seller many thanks, after the order, sent the next day. In 3 days the courier brought the order home. I order goods from this seller not the first time, i highly recommend!
        #1 Bartosz Maćkowski
        Mar 9, 2019
        product like a description the cd working correctly recomended seller thank you
          #1 Nick Gnatyuk
          Jan 9, 2019
          Very fast delivery. I will buy again from this store. Thank you!
            #1 Nasar Munir
            Mar 9, 2019
            The goods received. visually everything is fine. the disc under the string with a gift software. while the impression from the seller is only positive.
              #1 losnkeses losnkeses
              Jul 9, 2018
              Everything perfect
                #1 Berton Toews
                Oct 9, 2018
                Very good fast delivery
                  #1 fahgreada fahgreada
                  Jul 9, 2018
                  Everything came in time, packed well.
                    #1 tetsuya matsumoto
                    Aug 9, 2018
                    Thank you very much just as I want
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