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LAUNCH X431 CRP919E Car Diagnostic Tool Automotive OBD OBD2 Scanner Active Test ECU Coding CANFD DOIP 31+ Reset
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E Car Diagnostic Tool Automotive OBD OBD2 Scanner Active Test ECU Coding CANFD DOIP 31+ Reset
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E Car Diagnostic Tool Automotive OBD OBD2 Scanner Active Test ECU Coding CANFD DOIP 31+ Reset
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E Car Diagnostic Tool Automotive OBD OBD2 Scanner Active Test ECU Coding CANFD DOIP 31+ Reset
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E Car Diagnostic Tool Automotive OBD OBD2 Scanner Active Test ECU Coding CANFD DOIP 31+ Reset
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E Car Diagnostic Tool Automotive OBD OBD2 Scanner Active Test ECU Coding CANFD DOIP 31+ Reset

LAUNCH X431 CRP919E Car Diagnostic Tool Automotive OBD OBD2 Scanner Active Test ECU Coding CANFD DOIP 31+ Reset

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LAUNCH X431 CRP919E Car Diagnostic Tool Automotive OBD OBD2 Scanner Active Test ECU Coding CANFD DOIP 31+ Reset Free Shipping
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launch x431 CRP919E Professional Diagnostic Tools,OBD OBD2 Full System Scanner, 31+ Reset Service , CAN FD DoIP Protocols, Bi-Directional (Active Test), ECU Coding , Battery Voltage Test, Auto VIN Scan, FCA Autoauth,2 Years Free Update ,Upgraded Version of CRP909E
2023 Elite launch CRP919E All in One Diagnostic Tools - The new favorite of auto repair shop
CRP919E is an Upgraded Version Of CRP909E, more function added
Besides , Compared with similar products in the market, launch CRP919E added “ Advanced ECU Coding ” function, allows you to reset the adaptive data, match the replaced ECUs, unfold the hidden functions, etc.
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
2 Years Free Update + 5 Years Warranty + Free Tech Supports
you can get 2 Years Free Update
Besides, After 2 years Free Update, device will not lock, you can continue to use all the functions as normal
What is the different between EU Version and Global Version ?
1. EU Version and Global Version support the same functions.

2. The EU Version is specially designed for European customers and can only be used in the European region. If you are from European country( including United Kingdom and Russia), please select the EU version directly

3. The Global Version has no IP restrictions and can be used worldwide
11 languages Supports
English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Polish. Solve language barriers, switch for free.
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
The Core Reason You Should Choose LAUNCH CRP919E Car Diagnostic Tools
1. Newly added Active Test ( Bi-directional control) and ECU Coding makes problems nowhere to hide

2. Added New Protocols DoIP&CAN FD, accelerates vehicle communication and covers 2022 models.

3. FCA Autoauth; Gets access to FCA vehicles. You can easily act active/ system diagnostics/ injector coding for Fiat/ Chrysler/ Dodge/ etc. (2018-2022). * NOTE: Update software to get this function.

4. Read all DTC types for full system, view, graph and record data PIDs, support bi-directional controls, actuation test and all other diagnostic functions.

5. Support 31+ special functions, Perform commonly used repair & maintenance services. and keep increasing.

6. Support full OBD function:quick to check for DTCs, isolate the cause of the illuminated Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), check monitor status prior to emissions certification testing, verify repairs, and perform a number of other services that are emission-related.

7. Support automatic generation of diagnostic report and upload, Diagnostic records and reports can be stored in the cloud without any concern of data missing.

8. record and playbacks live data to pinpoint troubles of sensors and components. Displays live data in text, graph for easy data review and analysis,

9. Advanced Hardware loads powerful Android 10.0 OS, 3+32 GB extended memory, Save more diagnostic data

and more
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
Supports CANFD and DIOP protocol now , it supports For GM after 2020 and other New cars !
it is the only product in this price range that is compatible with CAN-FD protocol and supports the latest For GM vehicles manufactured after 2020. Adopts advanced CRC algorithms to accommodate more data from 8 to 64 bytes in the CAN frame, which runs faster than other products and reduces the risk of undetected errors to greatly enhance the user experience.

Supports For Chevrolet Onix 2020-2021 year
Supports For Chevrolet Tracker 2020 year
Supports For Chevrolet Suburban 2021 year
Supports For Chevrolet Tahoe 2021 year
Supports For Buick
Supports For Cadillac Escalade 2021 year
Supports For Cadillac Escalade 2021 year
Supports For GMC Yukon 2021 year
Supports For GMC Yukon XL 2021 year
Supports For Holden
Supports For DAEWOO
Supports For Alpheon
Supports For Ravon
Supports For Pontiac
Supports For Saturn
Supports For Hummer


With Diagnostics over DoIP, diagnostics introduced over UDS are used over TCP/IP and Ethernet. This enables much higher data rates than with CAN. That makes LAUNCH CRP909X save both in terms of time and expenses in the case of complex diagnostic tasks and flash applications. Compatible with BMW (F&G chassis), Volvo models (2018 later), Land Rover & Jaguar models (2017 later).
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
Bi-directional Control (Active Test)
Actuate solenoids and actuators for active testing, send commands to systems/components to test their working status, without using the vehicle controls.
ECU Coding
The advanced coding function is used to re-flash the vehicle control modules, which allows you to update the computer software on the vehicle to the latest version, as well as to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements, providing solutions for the issues of drivability, fuel efficiency, power loss, fault codes, durability of mechanical parts etc. But please note, ecu coding are NOT universal for all vehicles, please check compatibility with VIN number before purchase.
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
31+ commonly used repair & maintenance services, keep creasing
1.ABS Bleeding
When the ABS contains air, the ABS bleeding function must be performed to bleed the brake system to restore ABS brake sensitivity.

2.TPMS Reset

When due to the tire pressure is too low,tire leaks,tire pressure monitoring device is replaced or installed,tire is replaced and tire pressure sensor is damaged,The tire pressure resetting function must be performed to reset tire pressure and turn off the tire pressure MIL.

3.Oil Lamp Reset

Allows you to perform reset for a new calculation of engine Oil life system once changed the oil.

4. Electronic Throttle Sensor Reset

To utilize the car decoder to initialize the throttle actuator so that the learning value of the ECU returns to the initial state.

5.Injector Coding
After the ECU or injector is replaced, injector code of each cylinder must be confirmed or re-coded so that the cylinder can better identify injectors to accurately control fuel injection.

6. SAS Reset
It helps clear the faulty steering angle sensor memories to reset the steering angle and plays an important role in the steering angle sensor calibration.

7.Brake-pad Reset
To deactivating and activate the brake control systems, assist with brake fluid control, open and close brake pads, and set brakes after disc or pad replacement.

8.Gear Learning
Perform gear learning for the car when the engine ECU, the crankshaft position sensor, or the crankshaft flywheel is replaced.

9.IMMO Service
To prevent the car being used by unauthorized keys, the anti-theft key matching function must be performed so that the IMMObilizer control system on the car identifies and authorizes remote control keys to normally use the car.

10.Battery Matching
Enables you to perform resetting operation on the monitoring unit of battery,in which the original low battery fault information will be cleared.

11.DPF Regeneration
It is used to clear PM (Particulate Matter) from the DPF filter through continuous combustion oxidation mode. Specially works for Diesel Particulate Filter system with DPF.

12.EGR Adaption
This function is used to learn the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation ) valve after it is clean or replaced.

13.Suspension Matching
When replacing the body height sensor in the air suspension system, or control module or when the vehicle level is incorrect, this function can adjust the body height sensor for level calibration.

14.NOx Sensor Reset
If the NOx fault is re-initialized and the NOx catalytic converter is replaced, it is necessary to reset the catalytic converter learned value stored in the engine ECU.

15.Tyre Reset

This function is used to set the size parameters of the modified or replaced tire.

16.Windows Calibration
This feature is designed to perform door window matching to recover ECU initial memory.

17.Stop-start Reset
This function is used to open or close the automatic Start/Stop function via setting the hidden function in ECU (The precondition is the vehicle equipped with hidden function and hardware support)

18. AC Initialization
AC system relearn/initialization must be performed when the vehicle AC ECU or actuator is replaced or the ECU memory is lost.

19. AdBlue Reset
After the diesel exhaust treatment fluid (car urea) is replaced or filled up, the urea reset operation is required.

20. AFS Headlamp Reset
This function enables you to initialize the adaptive headlamp system.

21. A/F Reset
This function is applied to set or learn air/fuel rate parameters.

22. Gearbox Reset

This function enables you to complete the gearbox self-learning to improve gear shifting quality

23. Coolant Bleeding
Use this function to activate the electronic water pump before venting the cooling system.

24. Transport Reset
To lower vehicle power consumption, user may perform the following operations: limit vehicle speed, not wake up the network for door open and disable remote key, etc. In this case, deactivating the transport mode is needed to recover the vehicle being normal.

25. Seat Calibration
This function is applied to match the seats with memory function that are replaced and repaired.

26. High Voltage Battery Detection
This function is used for high voltage battery diagnosis and status information detection.

27. Sunroof Initialization
This function enables you to set the sunroof lock off, closed when it rains, sliding / tilting sunroof memory function, temperature threshold outside the car ,etc.

28. Engine Power Balance Monitoring

This function is used to monitor crankshaft acceleration in the power stroke of each cylinder, to determine the relative power provided by each cylinder.

29. Language Change
This function is used to change system language of vehicle center console.note:you need to have language pack to do language change

30. Gas Particulate Filter (GPF) Regeneration
This function is used to perform the GPF replacement or regeneration after the fuel consumption is increased and engine output power is reduced resulting from a long time service of the GPF.

31. Intelligent Cruise Control System Reset

This function is used to matching the intelligent cruise control module after it is replaced or repaired.

(Note: Available maintenance functions vary depending on the vehicle make, year, and model.)
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
OE- Level Full System Diagnosis
As an OE level automotive diagnostic tool, LAUNCH CRP919E can access most car ECUs to read, clear codes, retrieve live data, freeze frame, ECU information and perform active tests, matching, adaptation, turn off warning lights, reset monitors. Full range car models and full car system diagnose make it a professional automotive diagnostic tool.

Include : ABS System, Engine System, SAS System , TPMS System , IMMO System , Battery System ,Oil Service System , SRS System ,DPF System ,Air Conditioning System,Transmission System, etc...

Brief introduction of its capabilities in full systems diagnostic as follows:

1. For Engine System:
help detect the engine ignition, fuel injection, air and fuel ratio, and exhaust emission conditions in Engine system to enhance vehicle performance, save energy and reduce exhaust emission.

2. For Transmission: It makes great sense in the safety driving when your car is slipping or difficult to shift, this diagnostic tool can figure the problems out via reading codes in the Transmission system, or check the health status via live data viewing.

3. For ABS System:
Diagnosing an ABS problem should always start with a visual inspection of all brake components, next you will need to retrieve ABS codes to tell you where the problem is, and this is what this diagnostic does for you.

4. For SRS System:
SRS, safety restraint system, is made up of impact sensors, a control module, and the airbags themselves, and this diagnostic tool can detect every electronic parameter to check its health status.

5. To diagnose Brake System if you feel the brake pedal is mushy and notice unusual odor or noise, etc. A properly operating brake system is critical to ensure safe vehicle control and operation;

6. To diagnose Emission System if the system is affected by vehicle age or poor quality fuel. A good emission system reduces harmful gases to a large degree and protects you from being fined;

7. To diagnose Fuel system if vehicle won’t start or “Check Engine” light is illuminated. Check car’s fuel system regularly ensures the best performance of your car with the lowest emissions;

8. To diagnose Transmission if your car is slipping or difficult to shift. The system plays an important part in the overall performance of your car;

9. To diagnose Wiper System
if you observe chattering or streaking wiper. If the car is not regularly checked, the accident might happen because you can’t see clearly;

10:To diagnose Light System if you see rapid signal blinking or dimming lights.
And many more ....
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
IMMO Anti-Theft Service
Add New Key: Add An Extra Key To The Vehicle
Disable the lost vehicle keys.
️Note: LAUNCH CRP919E diagnostic scan tool does not support ALL KEY lost functions. ONLY available for Asian vehicles with early IMMO systems. NOT intended for AUDI, Benz, BMW, or VW which have advanced IMMO systems. Please consult us for checking compatibility before ordering.
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
Full OBD2 Check--Make a Better Detection for Car Engine System!
This scanner supports all 10 test modes for OBD-II cars which are great for daily repair work. The table below describes the purpose of each mode of operation:

1. Reading Codes: Show the detailed description of the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTCs)

2. Erasing Codes & Reset: Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors.

3. Data Stream: Reads and displays live ECU/PCM data stream, plotting functions graphically and stores freeze frame data.

4. I/M Readiness Status: Shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for inspection and maintenance testing.

5. Read Live Data Stream: Show the information of continuous data stream from a vehicle in live graphic (waveform) display.

6. View Freeze Frame Data: Check the certain vehicle conditions which are recorded by the on-board computer at the time the emission-related fault occurs.

7. O2 Sensor Test: Allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor monitor test results for the most recently performed tests from the vehicle’s on-board computer.

8. On-Board Monitor Test: Retrieves and displays test results for emission-related powertrain components and systems.

9. Read Vehicle Information:Display the information such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration verification number), etc.

10. Component Test: Certain vehicle components can be actuated by commands sent from the scanner to test their operability.
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
Share Report via Wi-Fi & print Report
Rather than taking the additional hassle, with this LAUNCH scanner, you would easily be able to share the diagnostics report to your clients or technicians via Wi-Fi ( email address ) . They would take a look at the full, clear, and accurate diagnostic report, and then understand what would need to be done. No more Googling unreliable fixes that would waste your energy.
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
More Functions Supports
Support automatic VIN code identification

4-in-1 Live Data in Graphic

Measure the current voltage of the vehicle’s battery.

Support automatic generation of diagnostic report and upload

Diagnostic Report & Online Feedback

and more ...
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
Over 108 Car Brands ,10000+ Models
- American cars
for Buick, for CADILLAC, for CHEVROLET, for Chrysler, for DODGE, for FIAT(BRAZIL), for FORD, for GM, for JEEP, for LINCOLI, for GM(BRAZIL)

- European car
, for ABARTH, for ALFA ROMEO, for AUDI, for BENTLEY, for BMW, for BUGATTI, for CITROEN, for DACIA, for IZH, for EURO FORD, for FERRARI, for FIAT, for GAZ, for OPEL(SOUTHAFRICA), for IVECO, for Jaguar, for LAMBORGHINI, for LANCIA, for LANDROVE, for MASERATI, for MAYBACH, for MERCEDES, for MINI, for OPEL, for PEUGEOT, for PORSCHE, for RENAULT, for ROLLSROYCE, for ROVER, for SAAB, for SEAT, for SKODA, for SMART, for SPRINTER, for VAUXHALL, for VAZ, for VOLVO, for VW, for ASTONMARTIN, for VW_CV

- Asian cars:
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
Technical Specifications
• Operating System:Android 10.0
• Screen: 7” touch screen
• RAM: 3GB
• ROM: 32GB
OBDII input voltage range: 9~18V
• Touch & Keypad input
• Charging via:
• DC 5V charging cable & power adaptor or
• Diagnostic cable through connection to vehicle’s DLC
• Dimension: 251.4mm x 150.6mm x 40.4mm
• Net weight: <600g
• Working temperature: -10 to 50°C (14 to 122 F°)
• Storage temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 F°)
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
Packing List
1.CRP919E Diagnostic Tool x1
2. OBD II Diagnostic Cable x 1
3. DC 5V Charging Cable x 1
4. US Plug Adapter x1;EU Plug Adapter x1;UK Plug Adapter x1
5. Multilingual Quick Start Guide x 1
6. User Manual x 1
7. Carrying Case x 1
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Scanner Automotivo Car Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 Scanner Active Test Code Reader OBDII Key Coding Tool
LAUNCH CRP919E display
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
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LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
Foxwell GT60 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool All System All Makes Free DPF EPB A/F TPMS Reset ODB2 OBD2 Professional Automotive Scanner
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
Ancel X6 OBD2 Scanner Professional ABS Airbag Oil EPB DPF Reset OBD 2 Automotive Scanner Code Reader Car Diagnostic Tools
LAUNCH X431 CRP919E OBD2 Scanner
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