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V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty
V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty

V3.6.2 Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine Master Series with 3 Years Warranty

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Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Automatic Key Cutting MachineAdjustable 7'' Capacitive Touch ScreenBuilt-in Database, Support More Than 60 Global Brands, 2,000 Car Models and 20,000 All Key Lost DatabaseLifetime Online Update & 3 Years WarrantyWith better PCB and motors, high quality to work more stable and accurate.
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Xhorse CONDOR XC-MINI Plus Automatic Key Cutting Machine


1. All key Key lost Database!
2. Comes With 3 Years Warranty
3. Advanced Design Integrated Casting
4. Condor XC-MINI Accessory is Compatible with CONDOR MINI Plus.
5. Support Cut Sided, Track, Dimple and Tibbe Keys, Household Keys
6. Support Work with Xhorse APP, Use Same Xhorse Dolphin Database.
7. Condor XC-MINI, CONDOR MINI Plus, Dolphine XP005 Accessoriese are Compatible.
8. With better PCB and Motors, High Quality to Work More Stable and Accurate.
9. Firmware Newest Version: V3.2.8 (Lifetime Free Update Online via Xhorse Update Kit Software)
10. Bind with VVDI MB Tool, Get One Token Free Every Day. You Can Also Buy XC-Mini Plus with VVDI MB Tool Together
11. Support More Than 60 Global Brand,2000 car Models and 20000 all key lost database. (Can cut all keys, except perforated key can't cut)
12. Multi-Language Supported: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Germany, Czech, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Norway, Slovakia, Italian, Russian, Chinese

V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor


CONDOR XC-MINI PLUS is an automatic Key Cutting Machine for accurately and efficiently cutting all kinds of automotive and residential keys, designed by Xhorse and committed to providing security solutions for locksmiths worldwide. It offers the greatest key cutting solutions for all the locksmiths whether one is a novice or an advanced locksmith experts.


1. Manufacture Craftsmanship
* All-aluminum body structure, lightweight and easy to carry;
* Partial components of the machine made of stainless steel enable the whole machine body more stable and reliable;
* Equipped with 3-Aixs Precision Ball Screw Transmission possesses precise and stable function better than the T Screw transmission

2. Exceptional Performance roots in every detail we consider
* The whole machine has passed the High and Low Temperature Test and Dry Cycle Test (over 150,000 times).
* The machine adopts an angle-adjustable 7-inch capacitive touch screen. You can set the angle of the screen based on actual needs.
* The screen interface is clear and easy to operate. It adopts a guided operation process that conforms to users' habits.

3. Built—in Database
Built-in actuate database,detailed parameters, schematic sample depth key tool avaliable for users, according to the blank key data, edit key shape, space flat, depth for making a new key data. It is convient to synchronize the new key data to machine.
Thanks to the powerful built-in database, it's no need for you to operate the machine via the internet. You can even complete your key cutting work smoothly while there is no internet.
Currently, the built-in database includes more than 20,000 key data types. Xhorse will continuously provide you free online upgrade services such as adding the latest vehicle key data and new functions.

V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor

4. Power/ Motor Specification
Adopting International general full range AC (Alternating Current) input (90V-264V);
Working efficiency up to 93%;
Able to sustain surge voltage input (300V) for up to 5 seconds;
No-load loss power lower than 0.5 Watt;
Built-in 200V brushless motors;
High Rotation Speed; Low noise, Minimal vibration;
Strong reliability and great stability.

5. Essential Tool for All Key lost
Condor Mini Plus contains three powerful functions for all keys lost key datABSe, cut by bitting & find bitting, esstional tool for locksmith all key lost job eaiser to be completed.

6. Manufacture Process
Aluminum main body, partial made by 304 stainless steel matertals. net weight 18KG is lightweight machine with stable structure. Machine used 3-Axis precison Ball screw transmisson with higher accuracy & stability than T screw transmisson
Please note: Instacode is no longer included with the Condor Mini Plus

7. Online Update
CONDOR XC-MINI Plus supports online update. Users can update the machina by connecting the machine to internet-connected PC,
Server is available 24/7 and free of region restriction for online update.
Support Online file update. Update log will automatically display in software.

8. Multifunctional Clamps
Standard M1 clamp supports single-sided and double-sided keys.
Standard M2 clamp is a four-sided rotation clamp that supports 2 track exernal, 4 track external, 4 track internal and channel track keys.
Optional M3 clamp is used for the special tibbe and crucifix keys (say, for Ford FO21 and for Citroen SX9 keys)
Optional M4 clamp for the residential keys.
No calibration is required for the optional clamps. Users just complete the cutting work by following the guide interface, and the best clamp solutions will be shown on the screen for various key types.

V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor
V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor

Supported Vehicle Models:

Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Support More Than 60 Global Brands, 2,000 Car Models and 20,000 All Key Lost Database

CL CSX Integra Legend 2 Door Coupe Legend Sedan MDX NSX Other RDX RL RSX SLX TL TSX Vigor ZDX

Alfa Romeo
105GTV 145 146 147 155 156 156 Wagon 164 166 33 75 90 Alfasud Alfasud Series 3 Affetta 4 Door Sedan Alfetta GTV 2 Door Coupe Alfetta GTV6 2 Door Coupe Ama Giulia GT Giuiietta 4 Door Graduate GTV MiianoMiTo OtherSpider

100 200 400 4000 500 5000 80 90 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A6 Allroad Quattro A7 A8 Allroad Quattro Fox Other Q5 Q7 Quattro V8 Sedan S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S8 TT V8 Sedan


125 135 315 316 318 320 323 325 328 330 333 335 518 520 523 524 525 528 530 533 535 540 545 550 628 630 633 635 645 650 725 728 730 732 733 735740 745 750 760 840 850 M3 M5 M535 M6 Other X3 X5 Z3 Z4 Z8

Allure Apollo Centurion Century Electra Enclave Estate Wagon Excelie LaCrosse LeSabre Lucerne Most Models Opel Other Park Avenue Rainier Reatta Rh/iera Regal Rendezvous Riatta Riviera Riviera RoadMaster Signia Skyhawk Skylark Terraza Verano Wildcat

Allante Brougham Fleetwood Calais Catera Cimarron Concours CT$ DevIHe DTS Eldorado Escalade ESV EXT Fleetwood Most Model Other Seville Seville SLS Seville STS SRX SUT Various Models XLR

4000*7000 Trucks Alero Astro Avalanche Aveo Beat Bel Air Beretta Blscayne Biazer C40-C70 Caballero Camaro Caprice Captiva Cavalier Celebrity Chevelle Chevette Chevette Pickup Chevy H Citation Classic Cobalt 2 Door Cobalt 4 Door Colorado Corsica Corvair Corvette Cruze Denali El Camlno Epica Equinox Express FRR FSR FTR HHR Impala Kodiak Lacetti Lumina (Australia) Lumlna Coupe Lumins Sed Lumlna Ute Lumina Van APV LUV Pickup Malibu MalibMaxxMetro Monte Carlo Monza Most Models Nova NPR NQR NRR Nubira Optra Other Prizm

Rallye S10 Pictoip S15 Pickup Sanoma Pickup Savanna Silverado Sonic Sonoma Spark Spectnim Sprint SSR Suburban Swift Tahoe Tahoe Pickup TiltmastefTop Kick Tracker TraHblazor Trans Sport Van Traverse TrucksMost Modeb Typhoon Uplander Van Vaodura Vega Venture Vivant Voh W4 W5 W6 W7 Yukon

200 300 300C 300M Acclaim Aspon Breeze Carava Cirrus Concorde Conquest Crossfire Daytona Diplomat Dynasty Fifth Avenue Horizon Imperial Intrepid Landau Le8aron Lh)S Neon New Yorker Omni Other Facifica Prowler PT Cruiser Saratoga Sebring 2dr Coupe Sebring 4dr Sedan Sebring Convertible Shadow Spirit Stratus 2dr Coupe Stratus 4dr Sedan Sundance Town & Country Van Valiant Viper Vision Voyager

AX Birlingo C-Crosser C1 C2 C25 C3 C4 C4 Picasso C5 C6 C8 Dispatch Evasion Jumper Jumpy Other Relay Saxo Synergie Xantia XM Xsara Xsara Picasso

Applause Atrai Centro Charade Charmant Copen Cuore Delta Truck Domino Feroza Fourtrak Gran Move Handivan Hi Jet Leeza Midget Mira Move Opti Other Pyzar Rocky Rugger Sirion Social Sportrak Storia SX Terios YRV

600 Atos Attitude Avenger Brisa Caliber Caravan & Grand Caravan Challenger Charger Colt Colt Hatchback Colt Vista Colt Wagon Conquest D50 Pickup Dakota Daytona Durango Dynasty Intrepid Journey Light Trucks & Vans Magnum Neon Nitro Omni Other Raider Ram Charger Ram Pickup Ram Van Shadow Some Models Spirit Sprinter SRT4 Stealth Stratus Coupe Stratus Sedan Vans (Full Size) Verna Viper

1000 DS 125 Regolarita* 2T 250 Scrambler 350 F3 Desmo 350 GTL 350 Scrambler-GTV 350 TL Desmo 350 XL-SL-TL Pantah 350-400 S Sport 450 Scrambler 500 2 cil 500 GTV-SL Pantah 500 SL Pantah 500 Sport Desmo 600 S Sport 600 SL Pantah 600 TL Pantah 620 Sport 696 749 750 F1 Desmo 750 GT-SS-Sport 750 Indiana 750 Sport R 750 SS 800 Sport 848 851 S 851 Sport 860 GT-GTS 888 S 900 2 CiL 900 Dahmah 900 Replica 900 SD-Darmah 900 SS 900 SS-M 900 Super Light 900 Super Sport 907 I 907 IE 999 999 R 999 S Desmo 750 Desmo 900 Super Sport Monster Other Paso 350 Paso 750 Paso 750 Ltd Paso 906 Sport 851 S ST2 ST3 Superbike Various Models

308 328 348 512TR Other Testarossa

131 500 Argenta Barchetta Brava Bravo Cinquecento Coupe Croma Daily Doblo Ducato Duna Duna Weekend Elba Fiorino Grand© Punto Idea Marea Marengo Mirafiori Multipla Nuova 500 Other Palio Panda Premio Punto Qubo Regata Ritmo Scudo Sedlci SedlcI (Diesel) Seicento Stilo Strada Superbrava Supermirafiori TalentoTempra Tipo Ulysse Uno 3 Door Uno 5 Door

Aerostar Aspire Aztec B Series Bus Bronco Bronco M C Series Truck C-Max Capri Cargo Truck Chateau Club Wagon Consul Contour Corsair Cortina Cougar Courier Crown Victoria E Series Van Econoline Econovan Edge Escape Escort Excursion Expedition Explorer F Series Pickup F Series Truck Fairlane Fairmont Falcon Falcon Van Festiva Fiesta Five Hundred Rex Focus Freestar Freestyle Fusion Galaxy Gran Torino Gran Torino Elite Granada GT Heavy Trucks Ka Kuga L Series Truck Laser Liata LTD LTD II Lynx Marquis Maverick Meteor Mondeo Montego Mustang Orion Other Pinto Probe Puma Raider Ranger S-Max Sapphire Scorpio Sierra Specton Van Super Duty Taunus Taurus Telstar Tempo Tempo 2 Door Tempo 4 Door Territory Thunderbird Torino Trader Truck Transit Transit Connect Tribute TX3 Various Models W Series Truck Windstar ZX2

Acadia Canyon Denali Envoy EV1 Jimmy Other Safari Saturn Savana Sierra Terrain Topkick W Series Yukon


Accord Acty Aerodeck Ascot Ascot Innova Avancier Ballade Ballade Sport Beat City Civic CL Concerto Concerto Europe Coup© Crossroad CRV CRX CRZ Del Sol DomaniElement Fit FRV Horizon HRV Innova Insight Inspire Integra Jazz Legend Legend 2 Door Legend 4 Door Logo MDX (Australia) NSX Odyssey Other Passport Pilot Prelude Quint Quintet Rafaga Ridgeline RL S2000 Saber Shuttle SLX Stream TL Today Tomeo Various Models Vigor

125 125 E 125S 125 Silhouette 200 R 500 CBT Big Red 125 Big Ruckus Camino 50 CB CB 350 Four CB 400 Four CB 500 Four CB 500 Four K CBF 400 CBR CHF 50 CM CMX250C CR 500R Crea Scoopy CX Elite Firestorm Fourtrax FT500 Ascot GL 650 SilverWing GL Gold Wing Gyro (Scooter) Hawk Hornet Jazz Metropolitan Nighthawk NSS 250 NT 650 Pal (Scooter) Rebel Reflex Ruckus Scoopy SH 300 Shadow Silver Wing Super Blackbird SuperHawk Trail 90 V65 Sabre Varadero Various Models VF VFR VFR 600 Pro Arm VT 750 C4 VT500C VTR 1000 F VTX X11 XL 600 V Transalp XR XRV 750 Africa Twin Zoomer Active Activa 3G Shine Unicom

All models H1 H2 H3

Accent Arnica Atos Atos Prime Avant© Azera Brio Click Coupe Ejantra Elantra Touring Entourage Equus Exceed Excel Galloper Genesis Getz Getz Prime Granduer HI H1 Bus H100Van HY18R i10 i20 i30 i45 iLoad iMax Innovation ix35 Lantra Lavita Matrix Neos Other Pony Presto Santa Fe Santamo Santro Xing Satellite Scoupe Sonata Sonica Starex Stellar TB Terracan 丁iburon Trajet Tucson Various Models Veloster Veracruz Vema XG XL Yuedong VERNA

EX FX G I30 I35 IPL J M Other Q QX

All Models AR8 Daily Eurocargo Eurostar Eurotech MP Eurotech MT Eurotrakker OM Grinta Other Turbostar Turbotech Turbozeta Zeta

Other S-Type Sovereign Vanden Pias X-Type XF XJ-12 XJ-6 XJ-8 XJ-R XJ-S XK

Cherokee CJ5 CJ7 Comanche Commander Compass Grand Cherokee Grand Wagoneer J10 Pickup Laredo Liberty Other Patriot Wagoneer Wrangler

Amanti Avella Bests Van Borrego Carence Carens Carnival Cee'd Cerato Ceres Clarence Ciarus Credos Joice Magentis Mentor Mohave Morning Opinjs Optima Other Picanto Pregio Pride Rio Rio Cinco Rio RX-V Rio5 Rondo Rondo7 Sedona Sephia Shuma Sorento Soul Spectra Sportag© Various Models Visto

Dedra Delta K K Coupe Lybra Other Phedra Prisma Thema Thesis Y (Ypsilon) Y10 Z2000

Land Rover
Defender Discovery Evogue Freelander LR2 LR3 Other

Convoy Cub Maxus


Aviator Blackwood Continental LS Mark MKS MKT MKX MKZ Navigator Town Car Versailles Zephyr


121 2 3 323 323 (Hatch & Sedan) 323 Station Wagon 323F 5 6 626 626 Coupe 727 8 929 Astina Autozam AZ-3 B Series Pickup B Series Pickup (USA) B Series Truck B2300 B2500 B3000 B4000 Bongo Bounty Bravo Bravo Pickup Brawny BT-50 Capella Capella Coupe Cosmo Cronos CX5 CX7 CX9 Demio E Series Van Etude Eunos 30X Eunos 500 Eunos 800 Eunos Presso Eunos Roadster Familia Familia (Hatch & Sedan) Familia Station Wagon GLC (Hatch & Sedan) GLC {Station Wagon) Lantis Levante Luc© Marvie Miata Millenia Montrose MPV Van MX3 MX5 MX6 Mystere Navajo Other Precidia Premacy Proceed Protege RX4 RX5 RX7 RX8 Savanna Sentia T Series Truck Titan Truck Tribute Xedos 6 Xedos 9

Mercedes Benz
1117 1300 1500 190D 190E 200 200D 207 208 209 220D 230 240D 260 280C 28CX:E 280E 280S 280SE 280SEL 300CD 300CE 300D 300E 300SD 300SDL 300SE 300SEL 300SL 300TD 300TE 320 350SDL 350SL 350SLC 380SE 380SEC 380SEL 380SL 380SLC 400 450SL 450SLC 500 560 600 814 815 816 817 Actros Truck C160 C180 C200 C220 C230 C240 C250 C270 C280 C320 C350 CL420 CL500 CL55 CL600 CL63 CL65 CLK200 CLK220 CLK230 CLK240 CLK270 CLK280 CLK320 0X350 CLK430 CLK500 CLK55 CLK63 CLS250 CLS320 CLS350 CLS500 CLS55 CLS63 E200 E220 E280 E300 E320 E420 E500 E55 E550 E63 ML230 ML270 ML280 ML320 ML350 ML400 ML420 ML430 ML500 ML55ML550 ML63 Other S250 S260 S280 S300 S320 S350 S380 S400 S420 S430 S450 S500 S55 S550 S560 S600 S65 Sprinter Sprinter Truck U1700Unimog U900 Unimog V-ClassVan Vito

Bobcat Capri Comet Cougar Cougar 2 Door Cougar 4 Door Cougar XR7 Grand Marquis LN7 Lynx Marauder Mariner Marquis Meteor Milan Monarch Montego Monterey Most Models Mountaineer Mystique Other Sable Some Models Topaz Topaz 2 Door Topaz 4 Door Tracer Villager Zephyr

Clubman Convertible Cooper Cooper S Hardtop Hatch Mini One

3000GT 380 Airtrek Canter Carisma Celeste Challenger Chariot Colt Cordia Debonair Delica Diamante Eclipse Endeavor Etema Expo Expo LRV Express FTO Fuso Trucks Galant Galloper Grandis GTO i i-MiEV L100 L200 L300 L400 Lambda !« Lancer Legnum Magna Mighty Max Minica Minicab Mirage Montero Nativa Nimbus Orchid Other Outlander Pajero Pinin Precis Raider RVR Sapporo Scorpion Shogun SiGMa !2 Space Gear Space Runner Space Star Space Wagon Spyder Starion Starwagon Strada Tredia Triton V3000 Various Models Verada Viento

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100 200 400 45 600 75 800 Maestro Metro Montego Other Various Models

9-2X, September 3, September 5, 9-7X 900 9000 900S 900SE 99 Various Models

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Monaro VXR Other

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142 144 145 164 1800 240 242 244 245 340 343 345 360 440 460 480 740 760 780 850 940 960 C70 DL GL GLE GLT Other P120 PV544 S40 S60 S70 S80 S90 V40 V50 V70 V90 XC70 XC90

C3 Scooter F1 FJR1300 FZ1 FZ6 GTS 1000 GTS1000ABS Majesty Morphous Other Road Star Roadliner Royal Star Seca Stratoliner T-Max 500 V Max V Star Various Models Venture Vino Warrior Zuma



V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor


The machine supports Bluetooth. To get more enhanced functions by installing the Xhorse APP that provides several modes to meet users’ needs. The normal mode is suitable for novice users, with a simple interface and convenient settings. For the expert mode, we’ve introduced a series of advanced functions below:

1. Decode Key by Photo Recognition:
Suitable for customers who have lost all keys but can provide a picture of the key bitting. You can directly adjust the picture to get the key bitting instead of disassembling the lock cylinder.

2. 3D Preview Function:
Applicable to preview the shape of the target cutting key before starting key cutting work. You can confirm whether the preview shape of the key bitting is corresponding to the target cutting key or not, thus avoiding wasting the key blank.

3. Single Bitting Cutting Function:
Applicable to all key lost and find bitting situation. If there are several possible results from find bitting, after cutting a key, a certain bitting position needs to be re-cut separately. Just find the target bitting position to complete the re-cut working free from cutting a new one. Different from the traditional manual cutting methods, you can do your job faster.

4. Parameter Micro:
adjustment function: Suitable for the customers who need to change the key cutting parameters. After successfully decoding key, the software will automatically compare the difference between the decoded actual value and the standard value, then the customers can adjust each parameter for further key cutting works.

5. Key Data Customization Function:
Applicable to add new key data that supported by M1 or M2 clamp. For some motorcycles and yachts keys, you can customize new key data by following the software guidance to take measurements of key value. The customized key data by you can be shared with other users, meanwhile, you can download the data shared by others.

V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor

Condor XC-Mini Plus Vs XC-Mini

1. Multiple sealing designs to avoid debris.
2. With better PCB and motors, high quality to work more stable and accurate
3. Space between cover and key is bigger than XC-MINI.
For XC-MINI, many keys with casings like for VW flip key will not allow you to close the cover, while CONDOR XC-MINI Plus won't have this problem.
4. The new screen is designed with adjustable angle. The adjustable screen comes with 3 specifications, which allows the user to adjust the screen to the appropriate height and prevent the problem of glare in the sun.
5. Mounting support - to make it easier when mounting the machine on a Mobile unit as you don't want it flying around in the back of your VAN....
6. The cutting chip protection cover is added to prevent key debris from getting inside the machine, and short circuit is avoided after power on (Condor Mini protective cover position is open and cannot be guaranteed)
7. It has a bigger dust cover and a larger bottom tray, which is safer than CONDOR XC-MINI.
8. There is an opening at the bottom of the device and a collection tray for receiving debris, which increases the protection mechanism and extends the life of the device.

V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor

Xhorse XC-Mini vs Dolphin XP-005 vs XC-Mini Plus
Item Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 Condor XC-MINI Condor XC-MINI Plus
Screen No touch screen, only display battery, Bluetooth status. Fixed touch screen. Screen with adjustable angle, easier to adjust proper viewing angle
Spindle Mechanical shaft +60W DC motor
(with a foreign model)
Electric spindle brushless 300W
built-in angular contact bearing
Electric spindle brushless 300,built-in angular contact bearing Electric spindle brushless 300,built-in angular contact bearing
Transmission Mechanism T-shaped Screw + anti-backlash nut Ball screw 3-Axis precision ball screw, more accurate and stable than T Screw transmission
Guide Roller guide Cross-track Cross-track
Shell Base aluminum alloy die-casting
the upper body is made of plastic shell
the body is integrated aluminum alloy die-casting.
Plastic outer casing body is formed by body alloying die casting. All alumina's main body, plastic shell, larger space than condor mini.
Fixture Standard fixture(M1,M2) (M3 M4 Optional Clamp)
Manipulation No touch screen, no built-in database, operate on Phone APP Quick start, with touch screen, built-in database Quick start, with touch screen, built-in database
Offline operation not support stand by support
Dedicated app Work with Xhosre APP Work with Xhosre APP (KM03, KM05) Work with Xhosre APP (KM03, KM05)
Built-in battery built-in lithium battery one-time full charge Optional Accessory: Power Supply Adapter with Built-in Battery Optional Accessory: Power Supply Adapter with Built-in Battery
Protecting mask Comprehensive protection Comprehensive protection
VVDI MB binding Yes. After bind,VVDI MB is one token free everyday. Yes. After bind,VVDI MB is one token free everyday. Yes. After bind,VVDI MB is one token free everyday.
Cutting speed 1X SPEED 2X SPEED 2X SPEED
Update Database update in APP, firmware update via Xhorse update kit software Online Update Online Update, support offline file update.
Warranty 1 year 3 years 3 years

V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor

How to Update Condor XC-MINI Plus Online?

The are 3 ways to get 'Upgrade kit' file for firmware update
1.Contact your distributor ask for the software.
2.Contact Xhorse technical support skype:Live:
3.Scan the QR code to download and install Xhorse APP.
V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor
1) Unzip the Upgrade kit file after the file has been downloaded .
V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor
2) Run 'Upgrade Kit.exe' and connect the machine with the pc, do not turn off the
machine during update process and also the upgrade kit software will update
V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor
3) Open the file of 'Driver' from those decompressed files and choose a relatively
new driver to install. If the computer still can not recognize the machine after
the installation of the driver, it is advisable to change to another driver. If all the
drivers fail, please contact your distributor or technical support from the
V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor
4) After the machine is successfully communicated with the computer, read the serial number,
then select theXC-MINI PLUS and click to update.
Note:Please keep the machine connected to the computer by USB during the update
V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor

Input voltage 90-264 VAC
Input frequency 47-63 Hz
Power 200 W
Machine size 250 x 413 x 300 mm
LED screen resolution 1024 x 600
Principal axis Rotation speed 9000 rpm
USB port USB 2.0
Working temperature 0-50 C
Humidity 10-90%

Package List:

1pc x CONDOR XC-MINI Plus Machine Body
1pc x 1.5mm Cutter
1pc x 2.5mm Cutter
2pc x 1.0mm Probe
1pc x Power cord (1.5m) (Chinese Standard)
1pc x USB Cable(1.5m)
1pc x Brush
1pc x M1 Clamp for Single/Double sided keys
1pc x M2 Clamp for Channel-track keys
1pc x Quick Start Guide
1pc x User Manual

V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor V3.5.3 Xhorse Condor
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#1 sami molepo
Mar 9, 2019
Wrote to the seller, you can send today. The seller confirmed that there is in stock, will be able to send. The parcel was sent on the same day, thank you very much, fast delivery, the goods will match the description. Ordered from russia.
    #1 Stjepan Golubic
    Mar 9, 2019
    Everything is fine, it came quickly
      #1 Scott Gausden
      Dec 9, 2018
      Very good… Super fast
        #1 julian
        Feb 9, 2019
        Good product Good quality excellent
          #1 Andy Lee Hostetler
          Apr 9, 2019
          Great company!!!!
            #1 Anishchenko Alexander
            Feb 9, 2019
            Fast delivery, everything works
              #1 Riivo Pold
              May 9, 2018
              Soldering quality is good. Refinement does not require. this 2019 Latest Xhorse Condor MINI Plus Condor XC-MINI II Key Cutting Machine XC-MINI Plus Automotive Key Cutting Machine is good quality, working very well
                #1 luis colombo
                May 9, 2018
                Item arrived quickly and guality was good.
                  #1 Gerald Lopez
                  Mar 9, 2019
                  The seller sent promptly. I chose according to reviews. How to check add feedback
                    #1 Pawel Raszkiewicz
                    Aug 9, 2018
                    All the best works great!
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